Reconfiguring the Author: The Virtual Artist In Cyberspace


By Mark Amerika

Reconfiguring the Author: The Virtual Artist In Cyberspace is many things at once including a research paper, a pseudo-autobiographical narrative, a technical "white paper", a textual documentary, a survey of the state-of-the-art of contemporary writing, a self-reflexive metafiction on the "public domain narrative environment" called GRAMMATRON and, last but not least, an exploration into the science of writing as it gets teleported into the electrosphere. It is an elaborate extratext that attempts to challenge the critical strategies employed by most academic theorists confined to the print-publishing model and, as such, is intimately connected to the network-distributed milieu the GRAMMATRON project circulates in.

Playing off the notion of hypertext-in-print, the book-sized document will be full of creatively-constructed footnotes and appendixes, many of which are narrative digressions detailing Amerika's involvement with the popular Black Ice Books series, the Alt-X Online Publishing Network, the Brown University Graduate Creative Writing Program, and the National Science Foundation's Graphics and Visualization Center located at the Brown University Computer Science Graphics Laboratory as well as his active involvement in the new media industry as both "knowledge worker" and "symbolic analyst".

Finally, it should be noted that the image above is of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Maybe one day we'll crack the sorcerer-code to all of written language at which point we'll have truly moved beyond the linguistic meta-trix of Virtual Reality and entered a world that embraces the Unknown.

You can enter GRAMMATRON now or, if you prefer, enter the Hypertextual Consciousness companion theory-guide or the Alt-X Online Publishing Network where much of this has already been developed.