from footnote #11

from footnote #11 in "Digital Being: The Virtual Artist In Cyberspace"

Golam, whose audience is not only world-wide but, as various narrative threads reveal, partly extra-terrestrial, is constantly seeking international/intergalactic contacts who will coalesce into what he calls his "niche community." Some of his concepts, like "co-operative adventures," "niche communities" and "ether/ore," as well as much of the expository language he uses to describe his practice as a network publishing pioneer, are actually bastardized ideas he has appropriated from the "new-age revolutionary business-speak" that thrives in the mildly chaotic Rocky Mountain community that he resides in. It is, in fact, the self-perception that he is clearly able to integrate much of the new media industry's self-reflexive rhetoric into his own schpiel, that leads Golam to the realization that he is actually becoming a very savvy businessman who can not only play the "language-hype game" but can also spot lifestyle/aesthetic trends years before they become popularized. Of course, this realization occasionally causes him a great deal of confusion and many cynics in the "fictional marketplace" end up charging him with being a "profit-oriented" prophet, but as seen in the first sentence generated in the original GRAMMATRON excerpt published in the Penguin USA anthology After Yesterday's Crash, Golam pleads Not Guilty. In fact, it's only when his lover, Cynthia Kitchen, decides to move in with him and partake in the "GRAMMATRON sessions," that he is able to actually see how empowering his program really is (she uses many of her own Nanoscript codes to successfully market her own evolving work-in-progress to various pockets of activity in the electrosphere). The fact that Cynthia eventually takes all she learns from him and then leaves him, moving back into the "fictional marketplace" to make her own mark on the electrosphere, overwhelms him, and much of the ensuing GRAMMATRON narrative revolves around his avatar routing itself throughout the electrosphere in hopes of reconnecting, or linking, with her again.